Who Am I ?

My name is Jack Mousell

I’m a Dubai-based Strength and Conditioning Coach with a passion and, perhaps, obsession for self improvement and becoming the strongest version of myself.

From a young age I played many sports including Rugby and Boxing. While I definitely had drive and determination to excel at these chosen sports, I always found myself fascinated by the strength and power training that went behind them…… to the point that the sports were getting in the way of the weight training sessions.

I quickly realised that my addiction wasn’t necessarily with weight training itself, but with self improvement and becoming the strongest version of myself. This quickly took me down a path that lead to Bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting, Cross Fit and, eventually, Power Lifting.
As a student of the sport, I like to spend most of my free time (time that I’m not lifting, sleeping or eating) reading articles and studies, and watching Youtube videos that will educate and enable me to try out new training and mobility techniques that will further improve my own training as well as my clients.

  • I am 6ft 4”
  • I usually weigh somewhere between 110 to 120kg
  • I like lifting heavy things
  • A fan of all sports, especially Rugby and Powerlifting
  • I’m known for eating a lot of food and also being the worlds slowest eater!
  • A connoisseur of steaks, burgers and fine cheeses
  • I drive a Big Black Truck
  • I drive my quad bike in the desert on the weekends